Lynn Nesbit

For this episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, we meet Lynn Nesbit, Literary Agent, Co-founder of Janklow & Nesbit Associates, who talks about how important it is to be aware of the past in order to be able to take risks in the future.

Lynn Nesbit, who attended the Norman Foster Foundation’s opening in 2017, speaks about our new project of Vineyard, and how all the Foundation does is ‘giving back’ to the society.

‘Once you have studied the past, you should not be afraid to build something new, to take risks’. Nesbit points out the fact that Norman Foster has never been afraid of risks in his projects, and that is what makes them so unique. One of the most outstanding buildings she has ever visited is the HSBC building, designed by Foster in 1986.

In her own words, ‘Norman always believed that architecture could deploy and enjoy the best of science and technology, as well as design’.

Lynn Nesbit co-founded Janklow & Nesbit Associates with Morton Janklow in 1989. Ms. Nesbit has served on the Board of Trustees of ºPartisan Review, the New York Institute for Humanities and the Literature Council for the National Endowment for the Arts. She is currently on the Board of the National Book Foundation and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.