Norman Foster invited to be guest editor for 10 issues of Domus magazine in 2024

November 24, 2023

Norman Foster will be the international Guest Editor for the ten issues of Domus magazine in 2024.

To mark its 100th anniversary in 2028, Domus has initiated the 10x10x10 project, where 10 architects of international fame lead the publication for 10 issues a year over a total period of 10 years. Norman Foster has been invited to lead the seventh iteration of the programme in 2024.

Giovanna Mazzocchi, President of Editorial Domus, said: “A paramount figure, not only for the quality and abundance of his projects, but also for his unique life. We welcome him to the most prestigious role at Domus and we are thankful for making us realize that the challenge for humankind is to constantly expand our knowledge and ambitions. But without losing the sense of humanity and humour.”

Walter Mariotti, Editorial Director for Domus, added: “With the arrival of Norman Foster, the 10x10x10 project reaches a maturity and wholeness that goes way beyond our expectations. The role of Domus as a matrix for dialogue and discourse upon society and its production systems, reaches a new higher level. This can only happen thanks to Norman Foster’s extensive range of experiences, his depth of vision, and an abundance of high-quality works.”

Norman Foster, President of the Norman Foster Foundation, expanded: “As I will try to communicate in the issues of Domus 2024, we must try to separate hope, fashion, and prejudice from fact – we must confront the realities of truthful data. Our world of buildings leads us to the city and infrastructure – the urban glue that binds the individual structures together – the public spaces, the boulevards, streets, squares and bridges, the terminals and metro systems that provide connectivity – these, with the buildings, determine the city’s identity, DNA, its quality of life and carbon footprint.”

The December issue of Domus will include a monograph dedicated to Norman Foster. The first issue of Domus edited by Norman Foster will be published in January 2024.