Second Edition of Day One Event Takes Place in Nice and Monaco

October 17, 2019

The second edition of the DayOne summit took place from the 15th to the 17th of October in Nice and Monaco. This year’s events were organised by Mr. Denis Jacquet, director of Kite Global Advisors, Les Emotionneurs and Raising Stones Events, in collaboration with the INRC Foundation.

DayOne is a three-day event exploring how companies can act to create a fair and inclusive digital age. Designed for organisations that value supporting a global conversation, DayOne brings together leaders from across the globe to debate and consider solutions that help people, organisations and businesses adapt to the digital age. Over the course of three days, organisations challenged each other to forge an inclusive vision of the world that places humanity at the centre. DayOne aims to be not only an event but a movement that shapes the future; day one is the first day of a fair digital age.

The 2019 DayOne event included two Masters of Ceremony: Leila Gandhi, Co-founder of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) and television host and Denis Jacquet, Founder of DayOne. The event counted on over one-hundred speakers amongst whom was Mr. Hernan Kraviez, Head of the Architecture, Design and Technology Units at the Norman Foster Foundation in Spain. As the representative for the Norman Foster Foundation, Hernan Kraviez first took part in a panel titled ‘Designing More Balanced and Equitable Mega-Cities’ alongside journalist and debate moderator Nik Gowing from the Thinking The Unthinkable Project, Iyinoluma Oboyeji from the project, Alan Marcus from Planet Smart City and Robin Rivaton from Real Estech. The second panel, titled ‘Designing Sustainability and Diversity in Twenty-first Century Communities’ included contributions from Hernan Kraviez, debate moderator Piers Cumberlege from Straightview, Marie-Doha Besancenot from Allianz, Xavier Lepine from La Française and Eric Stallmer from the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.