The Norman Foster Foundation co-hosts the MIT City Science Summit on Hyper-LOCAL Solutions to GLOBAL Challenges

October 27, 2022

The Norman Foster Foundation co-hosted in the MIT City Science Summit – Hyper-LOCAL Solutions to GLOBAL Challenges, which brough together international collaborators and thought leaders in the fields of urban science, planning, computer science, policy and decision making, social sciences and rapid urbanization. The event highlighted research from the MIT City Science team, the City Science Network, and the Norman Foster Foundation with the aim to enable more livable, equitable and resilient communities.

Teams presented a data-driven model for cities that could limit emissions to 2 tons per person while improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for residents. If taken to scale globally, these local interventions could largely solve global warming. As part of this line of research, the team offered scenarios to dramatically reduce emissions to the carbon-budget while improving the livability and economic potential of the area. This research examined conventional “green” solutions, net-zero commuting and amenities, hyper-efficient housing and hybrid work, local production of resources and zero-carbon, high-density distributed energy.

In the event, a pilot master plan for reconstruction and regeneration applicable to cities nationally in Ukraine and worldwide was presented. Kharkiv, heavily damaged by the war with Russia, creates a compelling opportunity to create a new vision for cities in the future, bringing together the best of the past with powerful new technology and design concepts. Deploying a revised version of the data-driven, evidence-based process developed for Kendall Square, we presented concepts for a community unconstrained by legacy infrastructure including:  low-carbon communities,  livability and public health, equity, and a Science Community framework.

Our president, Norman Foster, and architect Diego López  from the  Architecture, Design and Technology Units at the Norman Foster Foundation presented on the importance of Masterplanning, the masterplan for Kharkiv (Ukraine) and one of the pilot projects that will be developed within the masterplan.

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