Belinda Tato

In the eighth episode of the ‘Building the Future’ series, leading Spanish architect and co-founder of Ecosistema Urbano, Belinda Tato, expresses her longstanding admiration for Norman Foster. Recalling her time as a student, his work became a reference point for sustainable and innovative architectural projects which reshaped the urban environment. At a time when Tato was imagining future architectures, she notes that Foster “was building them”.

Tato understood Foster’s emphasis on sustainability in design, and the harnessing of new technologies to achieve innovative solutions. Resolved to overcome the needless waste of resources, she foresees a design approach involving “working with cities”. Within this process the dynamic interplay between speculation and reality and the sharing of knowledge amongst smaller architectural studios are significant components.

With major technology companies currently leading conversations around dense urban habitation, Tato stresses the need for architects and designers to start leading the discussion. This is in order for them to directly address urban issues and to generate positive interventions within public spaces.

With her statement that “education is the base of everything”, Tato encourages the greater engagement of the public in a move towards increased sustainability of living. Creating a shared network of knowledge and resources can alter the ways in which society as a whole reaches solutions. Reflecting on the fundamental means to resolve such questions, Tato notes “it’s about creativity and energy”.