Diego Tobalina is appointed as Head of Innovation and Design at the Norman Foster Foundation

August 26, 2023

Diego Tobalina, former ‘Crankstart Foundation Research Fellow’ within the Education and Research Unit at the Norman Foster Foundation (NFF), is now appointed as Head of Innovation and Design.

Tobalina is an interior designer with an apprenticeship in Architectural Visualisation and an MBA from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is passionate about innovation, particularly in design and its socially and environmentally sustainable development. He is intrigued by the significant roles that architecture, experimental design methods, and cutting-edge technology–through a genuinely holistic approach–play in shaping our collective environment. He has been a part of the foundation since its inception in 2016, contributing to projects of all scales, while unwaveringly dedicated to its mission of advancing responsible, sustainable and collaborative design through interdisciplinary thinking that connects architecture, design, technology and the arts.