Robotics Atelier 2018 – Public Debates

16 November 2018

The Robotics Public Debate explored how society is on the edge of a transformation through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

The Robotics Atelier Debate opened with a discussion about new visions for robotics to the general public. Following a presentation by Fabio Gramazio, there was a debate moderated by Tim Stonor.

Fabio Gramazio gave an introduction based on the results of the atelier, focusing on the challenge of producing complex shapes with lack of waste and maximum sustainability. Anne Faucheret, art historian and critic, spoke about the relationship between the human body and the machine. She stressed that intelligent technology and artificial intelligence should be used to create a wealth of knowledge, with an ethical point of view.

Iñigo Lazcanotegui, an engineer and specialist in computer science, was already using existing technologies as an entrepreneur through the process of collecting data. From his analytical and pragmatic thinking, he focused on the meaning of design in the industry and on how to create practical and handy machines.

Jonathan Ledgard, novelist and leading thinker on advanced technology, stressed a more political and economic point of view focusing on the impact that robots and artificial intelligence could have in the poorest parts of the planet. He showed the first project of the Norman Foster Foundation which combined delivery of blood on drone with the solid idea of a droneport.

Following the keynotes, Tim Stonor opened a group discussion—there were opposing views expressed by the participants which opened up a lively dialogue through questions to the audience.

Participants: Anne Faucheret, Norman Foster, Fabio Gramazio, Iñigo Lazkanotegi, Jonathan Ledgard and Tim Stonor.