Irene Martín is appointed as Head of Research at the Norman Foster Foundation

August 26, 2023

Irene Martín, former ‘Ford Foundation Research Fellow’ within the Education and Research Unit at the Norman Foster Foundation (NFF), is now appointed as Head of Research.

Martín is an architect, urbanist and researcher who explores data-driven urban design, creating systems, processes and interfaces for the city scale. In her role, she leads various research initiatives and educational programmes for the Norman Foster Institute (NFI) and the Foundation that link to the execution of sustainable intervention strategies. Martín graduated from the MaCAD programme (AI speciality) at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) in 2022, where she currently serves as part of the faculty for the Design Department. She has lectured in various universities, including the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador and the Escuela Politécnica Superior CEU, and her research has been published on several media platforms.