List of the selected scholars for 2019 ‘Robotics’ Atelier announced

September 17, 2019

The list of the ten selected scholars that will participate in the 2019 ‘Robotics’ Atelier at the Norman Foster Foundation is now public.

The workshop will take place on 4th- 8th November 2019 with the support of the Rolex Institute and will be led by Xavier De Kestelier, Global Head of Design Technology and Innovation at HASSELL Studio, London, United Kingdom and Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Program Director of the Architectural Computation MSC at the Barlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, United Kingdom.

The scholars selected to participate in the workshop are the following:

  • Mr. Samuel Shamo Abbey, Asheshi University, Berekuso, Ghana
  • Ms. Campbell Argenzio, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mr. Alexander Curth, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, United States
  • Mr. Nik Eftekar, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Ms. Christelle El Feghali, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Ms. Eleni Skevaki, NTUA Athens University, Athens, Greece
  • Ms. Dinorah Martínez, CENTRO Diseño, Cine y Televisión, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Mr. Jonathan Ng, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States
  • Ms. Yasaman Tahouni, Institute for Computational Design, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Mr. Ramon Weber, MIT, Cambridge, MA, United States

The Selection Committee has nominated the following students for the waiting list (in order):

  • Mr. David Stieler, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
  • Ms. Kristina Schramm, Institute for Computational Design, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Ms. Oana Taut, IAAC Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mr. David Rosenwasser, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States

Provided any selected scholar fails to attend the workshop, the above students could be contacted. The Norman Foster Foundation highly appreciates all of those who have participated in the Selection Process.

Please download here the publication of minutes.