Living Archive – Creations in Paper Seminar

September 20, 2019

The objective of the cycle hosted by the Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España (IPCE) was to explore the importance of paper as a support for documentary, bibliographic and graphic heritage. The seminars held throughout the cycle sought to delve into the versatility of paper as a support for cultural goods through works belonging to the field of knowledge, daily life and artistic creation. The conference highlighted the versatility of paper as a support for cultural goods using works of the Norman Foster Foundation Archive, including models of architectural and urban projects whose main material was paper.

Attendees included curators, restorers, archivists, librarians, collectors, students and professionals related to the study and conservation of cultural property. The conference closed with a round of questions focused on the process of digitisation and the inventory and the cataloguing of archival documents. Like the previous cycles of conferences hosted by the IPCE,  the event closed with a visit by attendees to the Norman Foster Foundation. This year, thirty-five participants attended the visit.

The first part of the 2019 Creations in Paper seminar was conducted by various experts including Daniel Dominguez, Marketing Manager at Guarro Casas S. A. (Barcelona); Manuel Álvarez Casado, Archivist and Section Head at the Archivo General de Indias (Sevilla); Isabel Lozano de Gregorio, Conservationist and Restoration Expert at the Conservation and Restoration Service of Bibliographic, Documentary and Graphic Heritage Department in the IPCE (Madrid); Ricardo Flecha Barrio, Sculptor (Zamora); and Cecilia Casas Desantes, Museum Curator at the Museo Cerralbo (Madrid). The following day, the second part of the seminar was conducted by field experts including José María Pérez García, Conservationist at the Museo Casa de la Moneda (Madrid); Cristina de Mora Lorenzo and Alicia Valdivieso Royo, Coordinators of the Archive and Library Units at the Norman Foster Foundation (Madrid); Irene Seco Serra, Museum Curator and Head of service at the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Madrid); and Antonio Sama García, Conservationist at the Fundación de la Real Fábrica de Tapices.