New Research Fellow supported by Lisa and Richard Cashin

July 16, 2020

Through 2020 the Archivist, James Jago, serves as ‘Lisa and Richard Cashin Research Fellow’ within the Archive and Library Units at the Norman Foster Foundation (NFF).

The Lisa and Richard Cashin Fellowship supports one Research Fellow, each year, since 2017 to date. The Lisa and Richard Cashin Research Fellow works as a member of the NFF team. The 2020 Lisa and Richard Cashin Research Fellowship is focused on researching and cataloguing the contents of the NFF Archive, as well as to assist the scholars and researchers working on projects at the NFF Archive Unit . The Lisa and Richard Research Fellow helps members of the different NFF Units on publications which need the use of material kept at the NFF Archive. We wish to express our gratitude to Richard and Lisa Cashin for their generous support since 2017 to date.