New Research Fellow supported by the Crankstart Foundation

July 16, 2020

Through 2020 the designer, Diego Tobalina, serves as ‘Crankstart Foundation Research Fellow’ within the Education and Research Units at the Norman Foster Foundation (NFF).

The Crankstart Foundation Fellowship supports one NFF Research Fellow, each year, since 2017 to date. The Crankstart Foundation Research Fellow works as a member of the NFF team. This Fellowship is focused on research, planning, design, development and on the publications of the NFF projects which have a social impact.

We are grateful to the Crankstart Foundation for its continuous support since 2018. The 2020 Crankstart Foundation Research Fellowship is focused mainly on the publications of the NFF projects realised since 2018 to date, as well as the ones resulting of seminars and workshops celebrated at the NFF in the last three years.