Nuclear Battery

2021 - ongoing

The Norman Foster Foundation (NFF) with MIT’s Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES) is a founding member of the Advanced Nuclear & Production Experts Group (ANPEG), a global consortium dedicated to developing low-carbon energy systems based on a ‘plug-and-play’ nuclear micro reactor.

This device, named ‘Nuclear Battery’, will provide flexible, resilient and cost effective energy solutions to support advanced production activities, energy equity and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

As part of this group, the NFF has developed design studies and presentations to communicate the potential applications of the Nuclear Battery. These consist of diagrams, renderings and a large scale schematic model. Potential scenarios in which this battery could be implemented have also been studied. These contexts range from the construction of sea walls to protect areas with a high risk of flooding to the transformation of the Formula One World Championship into a zero-emission global event. The project will also consider the Nuclear Battery’s potential to supply clean energy to informal settlements, isolated communities and cities as a means to accelerate the much needed global energy transition.